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Lectio Vicinitas is an activity based on Lectio Divina and designed for church leaders who wish to listen deeply to their neighborhood. It can be used to discern God’s call for your church to relate to your community in a new way. It is designed to be done while walking through a neighborhood or driving through a rural community.

Fresh Expressions Introduction is a handout I use for introducing the basic concepts of fresh expressions. It includes the who, what, where, and why of fresh expressions. 

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How to Start a New Kind of Church is a short e-book by Luke Edwards that introduces the basic frameworks of fresh expressions as well as some background of the movement. 

Recommended Reading:

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Fresh Expressions of Church  by Travis Collins is a brief introduction to fresh expressions. Written for church members, it is a perfect book to hand out to folks in your church interested in fresh expressions  At 84 pages, it is a quick read and can be broken down into a four-week book study .

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In Fresh Expressions : A New Kind of Methodist, Ken Carter and Audrey Warren have offered mainline churches an accessible introduction to exploring fresh expressions in the Methodist tradition. It works well as a six-week book study for UMC church groups.

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We Will Feast, by Kendall Vanderslice is an excellent overview of the Dinner Church movement in the United States. Vanderslice offers theology, and stories for anyone considering gathering the church around the dinner table. Her vision of the future of the church is inspiring!

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How to Pioneer, by Dave Male is a vital resource for anyone seeking to start a fresh expression. Male brings his vast experience of supervising the fresh expressions movement in the UK to help guide those looking to start something new. 

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Messy Church, by Lucy Moore and Jane Leadbetter is all you need to get a messy church off the ground in your community.  Messy churches are connecting with countless families with no previous connection to a church. They incorporate crafts, a meal, and a short gospel message. This book includes an introduction to messy church as well as pre-planned meetings.

Essential Links:

FX Intro Video
A video featuring three NC fresh expressions.
Rowan Williams on FX
A podcast discussing fresh expressions with Rowan Williams.
How to Start a FX
A blog about the first steps of starting a fresh expression.
Discover Dinner Church
A blog post about church gathering around the dinner table.
Church in the Parking Lot
A fresh expression story from Canton, NC.
What is a fresh expression?
Fresh Expressions UK explains what constitutes a fresh expression.
Messy Church Report
Playfully Serious looks at the success of messy church in reaching families not connected to church.
Moshing w/ Methodists
A fresh expression story from Chula Vista, CA.
Bp. Steven Croft on FX
Bishop Steven Croft writes about early learnings from the fresh expressions movement.
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